If you’re reading this article odds are you’ve probably once in your life struggled to find alternative fashion for a curvy body type. We’re done limiting our style options because trendy brands aren’t size inclusive. We’ve put together a few ethical and authentically alternative brands to fill your closet with.

Dressing alternative is all about giving mainstream fashion the middle finger. Clash patterns, wear leather pants, tie-dye is cool too, and don't forget your combat boots. The only rule is that there are no rules. Plus what’s more alt than putting controversial fashion on a thick body?

Any of these brands are a great substitute for fast fashion companies you may be currently buying from. This article isn’t to bash fast fashion but to simply give more ethical and sustainable options. Being a smarter consumer can help make a better tomorrow for the future of the fashion industry.



To start this article off, if you’re ready to start repping size inclusive and ethically made brands you should first check out our shop! Here at Letter Shoppe everything's made after you order to prevent waste and we carry sizes XS-6X. We create relatable art as well as featuring empowering designs about body positivity, mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ support, and cannabis culture.

If you’re looking for hot girl vibes, we sell those. Our Burn Blunts Not Witches graphic is a top seller amongst our weed queens and promotes the baddie energy we’re looking for in alt plus size clothing. We have this design available in short sleeves, long sleeves and hoodies as well as sizes up to 5X. Snag this shirt on our website and promote yourself to the hottest of hellish babe energy in our book.

Also check out our Not Feeling It Today graphic to express exactly what you’re feeling without saying anything at all. This design is available on tees and long sleeves up to size 2X. Not to mention the edgy alternative styles of these graphics will surely be a conversation starter. Follow us on social media to see our new product releases, get interactive, and voice what designs you would love to see on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.



Ready to serve up some pastel goth + cottage core aesthetic looks? We handpicked two clothing brands to give you all the glitter fairy vibes you’ve been searching for! Look no further, Trash Queen and My Violet are the places to go.

Trash Queen is a small business with big values. They embrace all genders, races, sexualities, and sizes! Trash Queens message is all about less consumerism and promoting real bodies with accurate sizing. They carry sizes ranging from XS-5X. Follow Trash Queen on Instagram to view their latest product releases.

My Violet is another inclusive softcore brand to fall in love with! They are female owned and operated with all original designs. My Violet offers sizes XS-3X. If you’re as obsessed with the soft goth look as we are you will surely love everything My Violet has to offer. Be sure to follow My Violet on Instagram to expand your pastel goth wardrobe and use code FREESHIPPING at checkout to save some cash.



If you’re into patchwork tattoos and short quotes with deep meanings you’re definitely in luck. The Identity of She and Misspent Youth 2016 have the best collections of edgy plus size clothing to wear during your style rebellion. Both of these brand’s scream fuck the norm and represent alternative style proudly.



The Identity of She is a black owned business with the purpose to empower people from all walks of life. Their sizing ranges from S-6X and is offering 25% off with code “LetterShoppe.” In addition to their inclusive sizes the empowering quotes featured on the shirts are a great reminder to appreciate yourself as you are. Be big and be proud. Don’t forget to follow The Identity of She on Instagram to never miss a new product drop or body positivity quote! 




Misspent Youth 2016 is a small independently owned business. All of their materials are sourced locally but that doesn’t stop the brand from selling globally. The owner is a tattoo artist who puts their work on fabric and the handpoke tattoo inspired designs make impactful statements. They offer sizes S-3X. Make sure to follow Misspent Youth 2016 on Instagram to view their newest designs and t-shirt releases.



The big titty goth gf vibes are an unmatched energy. Luckily we did some research on how to obtain the look for you and we found exactly what you need. Meet your new besties Foxblood and Tragic Beautiful, the gfs who dress you in only the best plus size goth and punk clothing.




Foxblood is a solely female owned business here to give you all the witchy and true goth aesthetic clothing you need in your life. All items are 100% vegan and cruelty free so you can shop with peace of mind. Their all black clothing line eliminates the need to ‘filter by color’ and each piece serves up big titty goth gf energy. Their sizing ranges from XS-3X. Be sure to follow Foxblood on Instagram to never miss a beat.





Tragic Beautiful has been driving the dark rebellion of the fashion industry since 2006 blessing us all with the gothic and dark witchy vibes. The owners are passionate practitioners of witchcraft giving us authentic wiccan apparel and other items. They offer sizes XS-4X. If you love all things gothic and occult you’ve made it to the right place. Follow Tragic Beautiful on Instagram to see their latest and darkest releases!



You may find some similar styles in your mom's closet if you’re lucky. Alternative styles explore many decades and are limited by no timeline. Unique Vintage and Big Bud Press offer us vintage styles that will never die.



Unique Vintage is a brand created by women for women. They allow you to shop by decade spanning from 1920 to 1970. The iconic brand has inclusive sizes ranging from XS-5X. Who would have thought dressing on trend in the 1950’s would be an alternative style to wear in 2021. Don’t forget to follow Unique Vintage on Instagram to see their newest releases of the most vintage apparel.





Big Bud Press is the most size inclusive brand we’ve found having sizes XXXS-7X available to their customers. Most of their clothing is 60’s and 70’s inspired, supplying us with the most groovy and alternative designs. If you can’t wear your mom’s old tie-dye t-shirts, it's okay Big Bud Press has you covered. Follow Big Bud Press on Instagram to catch all their newest releases.



The brands we delved into have ethical work environments, fair employee wages, and use safely sourced materials. Support brands that practice sustainable fashion. Put your money towards businesses you would want to support like watering seeds you would want to grow.

Throughout this article we explored different types of alternative styles and learned there are no rules in alt fashion. Big beautiful bodies should not be restricted to clothing that cover their curves or limit their style options. If you want to say fuck you to non-inclusive brands and rep your curvy girl support we have a t-shirt just for you!