Alternative T-shirt Designer in Menominee Michigan


Alternative T-shirt Designer in Menominee Michigan

A Michigan Illustrator and hand lettering artist that cares about your experience.

Are you passionate about promoting mental health? Do you fight for social justice and LGBTQ+ rights? Or are you in need of some extra self-love.

We're Dean and Rick, and our mission is to foster collaboration and connection. With Letter Shoppe, we transform your struggles, suggestions, and stories into unique art apparel.
We believe in celebrating individuals like you, no matter where you are in your journey or who you are. Our approach is all about embracing diversity on an epic scale.

Not only do we prioritize personalization, but we also prioritize sustainability. Operating from our home in Upper Michigan, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We use eco-friendly materials and ethical practices to create our thought-provoking illustrated art.

Staying connected and informed is crucial in a world that often feels like it's falling apart. That's why our art addresses both serious issues and lighthearted subjects. We aim to spark conversations and provide a respite from the chaos.

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Stories that come with sustainable style
Like you, the planet is beautifully diverse, and we want to keep it that way. We’re committed to doing our part to reduce waste, which is why we use eco-friendly inks on recycled fabric for our limited-edition slow fashion pieces.
Our partnerships:

Printful and Threadless are our sustainable order fulfillment partners, minimizing waste and overproduction. They offer ethically sourced apparel designs with a light carbon footprint.

Ethical practices:

Our partners prohibit forced labor and underage workers, ensuring fair compensation and benefits for all of their employees. We prioritize strict health standards so all our products are safe to use.

Upcycled clothing:

Coming soon, we will be enhancing our sustainability with upcycled fashion! Using recycled materials, we'll create unique pieces through cropping, hand-painting, and sewing.

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Custom apparel design and illustration for brands

Introducing one of my clients, the ForScore Music App - a musician's best companion for effortless music reading.

This app focuses on ease and offers a hands-free page-turning feature, enabling uninterrupted practice and performance.

A retro tee with a 60s-inspired design was commissioned to spread the word about this innovation, seamlessly promoting the app's capabilities.


Branding & merch design

Want to level up your branding with some killer illustrations? We know how to turn your vision into a profitable product that makes you stand out. We specialize in custom T-shirt design and other merchandise design services.

Everything you need to launch a new idea or clothing line is available here. Our services include more than just design but also marketing, art direction, and finding the right ethical vendors to turn new designs into profitable, ethically made products.

It’s important to note that since we are a small team of two, we work with only one client at a time, ensuring that each project receives our full attention without burning ourselves out in the process.

Our standard turnaround time is two weeks; pricing starts at $2,500. Please note that availability may be limited, but we are booking new projects now.