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The Lifestyle Brand of Artist Dina Rodriguez
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Let’s collab on some custom merch that’s relatable AF

I have a passion for making art with a powerful message people can rally behind. Whether you want to create a custom product for your shop or need something eye-catching to bring more awareness to your business online, I have the experience to help your brand succeed.


Hire an artist that will make you a sweet profit

Drive engagement with graphics that will make your customer feel like you made something special just for them. When you hire me you get an illustrator and marketer in one, that will create the perfect design to attract your audience paired with a online strategy to help it succeed.


Two ways to pay for brands of all budgets

I believe in my work, what it stands for, and the sales that will come from it. This is why you can either pay upfront with the prices below for full usage rights or we can work out a royalty deal where I get a 10% of sales for as long as the product is in stock. Yay options!


Your design is ready in just two weeks

Each project includes an art direction meeting, two sketch concepts, 1 round of revisions, and marketing consultation to ensure that your design will be a follower favorite. This organized process allows us to get your product out to your fans sooner while keeping quality and messaging at the forefront.


Pricing packages for a custom design that you can print on anything you want.


Get the most bang for your buck by choosing a package where you can print this design on anything you want forever, without paying me a commission. This is the most affordable option especially if you plan to use this design on multiple products and for years to come. With this option you only pay a 50% deposit to get started and the final invoice upon project approval.

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Let’s Start Package: $650

This design is all about the message that includes a short phrase up to 10 words hand-lettered for a simple type only solution.

With an affordable price, this tier is perfect for businesses just starting out that want to dip their toe into selling custom merch.

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Popular Package: $950

This design includes a full-color illustration with up to 15 words hand-lettered with subtle accents for some added decoration.

Being the most popular tier, an image tied with a strong relatable message is the staple of any successful apparel or product.


Holy Wow Package: $1,250

This design will be filled to the brim with up to 3 illustrations with a full background or up to 10 icons with an option of 20 words hand-lettered for that wow factor.

Whether you want to create a seamless pattern or a product that needs multiple figures or several designs on all sides, this is the tier for you.

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Get some free advice on your next product idea.

I want to hear all about your brand and all the cool things you want to add to your shop. So if working together is something that you would like to pursue (which I really hope you do), we can continue with a free consultation about your project just in case you have any questions or need a sounding board for your ideas.


Or you can pay me a 10% royalty instead. That way I only make money if you do.


This option is great for businesses that have a lower budget and might feel a little overwhelmed making custom products for the first time. Adding things to your shop can be really expensive with marketing, printing, and fulfillment still needing to be added to the budget, so I totally understand if you need a little extra wiggle room.

Get started with a 25% upfront royalty deposit, then once the product has launched you pay me a 10% royalty rate. For example, if you choose the Holy Wow Package you would only pay me $562.50 to get started on the project. Then once I hit that amount from royalties after the product went live, you would then activate your monthly royalty rate of 10% of all profit from sales each month.

This options comes with its pros and cons for full transparency



  • You may end up paying me more depending on the success of the project especially if you plan to use it for more than a year.

  • You will not be able to offer this product for wholesale.

  • Failure to pay royalties on time will result in a $100 late fee and any abuse of our royalty agreement will result in loss of copyright.



  • Reduce your upfront costs by 75% so you can get higher quality products made or custom packaging for a better customer experience.

  • Get free marketing advice and advertising on Instagram to help promote sales.

  • You can opt to pay for full buyout usage rights within 1 month of project completion in case you change your mind or new funds become available.


My process creating your custom illustrated product.


Pay me and the magic begins.

Once you choose a your pricing option, I’ll send over a proposal for you to e-sign along with a deposit to get added to my production schedule.

Your project will take a total of 2 weeks to complete and starts off with an online mood board meeting that will have examples of different typography and styles for your brand.


Production mode activated.

I explore numerous iterations and hone them down to the best 2 concepts for your design. This is your opportunity to provide 1 hour of revisions until we reach an approved concept to digitalize.

Once I get approval I spend the last days refining your final concept tweaking the finer points and sleeping on the adjustments made.


Marketing plan for your launch.

After project approval we’ll have a marketing meeting to go over your launch strategy to ensure that this product sells off the shelves.

I’ll also help promote it to my audience on Instagram that includes 3 in grid posts that showcase the process, the final design, and photography of the final product, that you can also use on your platform.


Get on my production schedule before I get booked up.

I’m normally booked out for about a month since I only like to work on one client project at a time. Since I also run my own shop and offer marketing coaching to fellow artists, my time is very limited.

Luckily I have just 1 spot open for the summer if you would like to snag it by booking a free consultation with me.