NEW: Dump Them & Bloom Baby: The Billie Series

Where vintage charm meets self-discovery.


This limited edition collection introduces our new character, Billie, a self-aware badass all about personal growth and setting sky-high standards. She's all in for living that epic life she's envisioning because settling for anything less? Not in Billie's playbook.

This first collection of 2024 is a fresh start for me. I hit the reset button, deleted all my past work, and made space for a series of meaningful illustrated stories throughout the year. 

Now, let's dive into these designs inspired by the beauty of fall and the starkness of winter. The colors? Earthy and cozy, like a warm hug on a chilly day.

$10: Purge & Bloom Sticker Sheet


Dump Him:

Picture Billie, rocking fairy wings, casually smoking inside a decorative knife. It's about cutting ties with toxicity and embracing the freedom to be yourself. The first step in starting over is the liberation that comes from getting rid of the dead weight in your contacts.

$6: Dump Him - B&W Fairy Holographic Sticker

$60: Dump Him Fleece Cropped Sweatshirt



Check out Billie, a plus-size queen, finding solace on a mushroom house surrounded by dancing bunnies and loving flowers. It's a celebration of self-love and authenticity, showing that being your true self attracts the people that feel like home.


$60: Attract Unisex Long Sleeve


Plan B:

Here's Billie, rocking a spooktacular Halloween outfit as she sits on a planet of her past self. Fed up with the worn-out "Living the dream" quote, she boldly swaps out "dream" with "Plan B." This piece is all about resilience, forging your unique path, and embracing the journey, no matter how many times you've attempted to start over in the past.


$80: Plan B Fleece Cropped Hoodie



Step into the lunar dream of Billie, where the chaos of bills and taxes converges in a coffee-infused haze. This artwork delves into the shared experience of grappling with overwork and underpayment, a challenge magnified in our era as we navigate the complexities of our corrupt capitalist system. 


$60: Overworked Unisex Long Sleeve



Take a whimsical journey with Billie as she looks into a mirror, where her vibrant imagination is the only company she craves. This serves as a powerful reminder: discovering and embracing oneself is far more important than holding onto toxic relationships. Stay true to yourself, and loneliness won't stand a chance.


$60: Lost Unisex Long Sleeve

And here's the scoop – each vintage-inspired piece is a limited edition. Only 250 of each item are up for grabs, and once they're gone, poof! If they stick around longer, they'll vanish from the website at the end of 2024 either way.