Whether or not you believe in fate, hard work, luck, or just a mixture of all of the above I think there is an actual way to get the universe to finally be on your side if you’re ready for it. In order for life to do you a favor, you gotta get out of your comfort zone and go into the unknown with no guarantee that things will work out.

Fucking terrifying right? But every-time you make a plan the universe laughs it’s ass off anyway, so what’s the point of over planning your life anyway?

So often in life, we struggle when we don’t have to and waste so much time to settle for the next best thing. We keep waiting for the stars to align to make a move when we should be taking those risks early on. You gotta live in the moment more, take care of your body, practice gratitude, and embrace your gifts to figure out what makes you happy.

You have the power to let in more good in your life and bring in more of what you need every time. You have to start with a good idea of what you want but more importantly why. You can’t just be like, I want to be happier without a plan to actually get ahold of that happiness. Be specific! Maybe you want a more filling career, or more time to spend with family, or more free time to work on your passions. These goals are just detailed enough to put you in the right headspace to make real change.

So when the right opportunity comes along get ready to put in some elbow grease even if it feels uncomfortable as hell. If you put yourself out there the universe might just put your next amazing opportunity right in front of you if you know how to read the signs.

Signs are more of a feeling than a written declaration you find on the street where it’s all about the weird connections we make from a mixture of our experiences, memories, and surroundings. Sometimes they all come together to create your next great epiphany, new idea, or something as simple as a new question to ask yourself to unlock the path to your next goal.

Universe I'm Ready Mug

Universe I'm Ready Mug