All bodies deserve to feel comfortable and stylish without having to spend thousands of dollars to do it. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to the concept of a capsule wardrobe where you can turn only a few pieces into an entire season worth of outfits.

The entire purpose of this article is to help you discover the amazing power of earth-toned apparel that fits tons of body types, is easy to create outfits with, and makes you feel powerful as fuck to wear.

Thanks to a new underwear set from ARQ that was a recommendation from one of my favorite plus-size influencers on TikTok @midwest.hawtmess earth tones have become my obsession. Almost all my OOTD videos start with me in one of my favorite mustard yellow tanks and burnt orange panties. Yes, I bought several.

And now, anytime I’m online shopping instead of just searching through the thousands of items I simply search “earth tones” and I find a goldmine EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Earth tones have a nice modern aesthetic that always seems to be in fashion. The rich and warm colors look especially great on warmer and neutral skin tones making them cute and chic as hell. If you are not sure what colors go best with your skin tone, check out this handy article by Daily Inspiration.

I love earth tones because they are the perfect color combination that can give a normally casual outfit more of an elevated look perfect for everything from work, and loungewear, to going out with friends. The more events your outfit works for the less money you spend. Fuck yes.

Speaking of saving money, wait till I tell you about making a capsule wardrobe.


Ever open your overstuffed closet and think to yourself, I have nothing to wear!? A capsule wardrobe can help simplify your life since it’s a small collection of interchangeable pieces that work to fill your spring closet. Above is an example of putting together a few items to make a ton of stylish outfits by layering them in new and fun ways.

It actually wasn’t till I stumbled onto this fashion video ad on my FYP showing me how to create an entire month of outfits with only 8 pieces did I realize how much of a game-changer a capsule wardrobe really was.

This makes a ton of sense if you are looking to get the most out of your wardrobe so it’s not only more sustainable but also takes up less room if you have a small closet as I do.

We are always stressing about buying new clothes for the season especially if you are like me and your body size tends to change just as much as fashion does. What an amazing idea to buy fewer clothes but create more outfits by just knowing what items to buy.

This entire approach is minimalist, but be warned the downside to a capsule closet is that the items you purchase may go out of style next year. But if trends are meaningless to you and you are just here to save money then this article is here for you.


No matter your gender expression you can find items that make you feel the most authentically you in this list. Feel free to mix and match as you please, I know I will. And as a reminder, all of these styles will range from XS to at least 4X.

Casual comfy dress

With layering in mind, we want a neutral-colored dress that is crazy comfortable but will be light enough to stay cool during the hotter months. Some options I loved were this Midi Cami Shift Dress from Old Navy that goes up to 4X and this gorgeous Naomi Workout Dress from Girlfriend Collective that goes up to 6X. If you are wanting something a bit more graphic this Swirl Print Polo Dress from Rue21 that goes up to 4X for their plus sizes and XL for their straight sizes.

Textured and patterned button-down shirts

My favorite button-down find is this Olive Green Lightspun Short-Sleeve Flap Pocket Shirt that has plus and straight sizes from Madewell. But if you would prefer something more flowery and yellow this Floral Print Button Down Shirt from Old Navy goes up to a 4X.

After a ton of searching, I finally found my favorite place for the bottom down tops, Peau De Loup a clothing brand that prides itself on making clothes for bodies, not gender. My favorite earth tone patterns were the Grey Sly Fox, Multi-Colored Monach Butterfly, Fail Foliage, and Holyrood Short Sleeves.

Their patterned short sleeve shirts are around $68 and go up to a size 20 but understandably they sell out fast! So be sure to sign up for their newsletter in their footer so you don’t miss out on new drops.

Earthtone graphic tees

With everything else in your earth-toned capsule closet being neutral and plain it’s nice to bring out some of your personality in graphic t-shirts. I’ve curated a collection of my most popular designs and transformed them to perfectly match the rest of your earth-toned items.

If there are any other designs you like in my shop and you would like to change the blank or color, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email us at support@lettershoppe.com where the customization fee is only an additional $10.

Neutral light tops

In case you are wanting to stick to more of a solid color tee you can check out crazy soft blanks again from Girlfriend Collective that all go up to 6XL including this Cupro Long Sleeve, Crop tee, and High Neck Tank.

There are also a ton of options in Target that go up to 4X that are all under $10. Whether you want something a bit more sexy like a Satin Cami, something that shows off your arms like a Squareneck Tank, something with a flattering shape like a Short Sleeve V-Neck Shirt, or a basic staple Crewneck Tee, they have you covered.

But my absolute must-have is this Crop Tank from ARQ that comes in a whopping 16 colors and goes up to 6X. I personally use this tank as a bra and wear it every single day.

Finding the perfect plain white tee that fits your body

Let’s start off with the biggest staple in any closet, the plain white tee. If you want to go cheap because you can’t help but keep getting your lighter clothes dirty then I would recommend this Fruit of The Loom White Tees 6-pack for straight and big and tall sizes if you are wanting a bigger fit.

Then if you are wanting something more form-fitting, I fell hard for this T-Shirt pack from Old Navy, I swear it has the most flattering fit and is so comfy. But if you’re willing to spend a bit more for a crazy soft blank then look no further than this unisex white cupro crewneck from Girlfriend Collective that happens to be on sale for $26.

Oversized outwear: Light jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, and trenchcoats

With spring and summer coming up you might think you won’t need a jacket, but you're forgetting about rain and wind baby. Temperatures might be up but that doesn't mean you still won’t get cold or at least crave the gentle hug of some soft outerwear.

That's why I love all these options from Old Navy that go up to 4X like this Transitional Brushed-Twill Shacket that would literally go with almost anything or this Black Wash Classic Jean Jacket that’s made with 100% cotton.

Or if you prefer to have a longer coat these 2 options from ASOS both go up to a size US 26 like this Curve Collard Trench Coat (the straight size found here) or Sage Green Curve Lightweight Parka.

Then of course I can’t just give you outerwear options without telling you about this Oversized Light Washed Denim Jacket from Madewell that goes up to a 4X (58” bust and 51” waist.)

Finding the right everyday outwear can be tough when you need to shop for the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and style. That’s why I feel like I hit the motherboard when I got a hold of these Men’s Sportswear Club Fieece Sweatshirt, Pull Over Hoodies, and Full-Zip Hoodies from Nike that have a great range from XS to 4X with extra tall options.

All things shorts: Bike shorts, Linen shorts, Denim shorts, and Dock shorts

If you have big thighs like me you probably have stayed away from shorts altogether for years because of the dreaded chub rub. I get it, the fashion industry gets it, and finally, there are some great options out there!

If you would like to add some trippy art to your shorts I have these two earth tone bike shorts that go up to 3X that are so soft they feel like a second skin. I basically live in my Skull Sunflower Black Shorts and UFO Shroom Voyage Burnt Orange Shorts in the summer.

For options that are more neutral, my favorites from Old Navy are these Slub-Knit Biker Shorts, High waisted Linen Shorts, and these Distressed Jean Shorts that mind you take a while to break in but are totally worth it.

If you are wanting some gender-neutral denim shorts look no further than Dapper Boi. They have these beautiful Blue Fade Jean Shorts that sit right above the knee and range from a size 26 to 52. They also have the same jeans in a dark Indigo and Indigo Wash.

The most comfortable-looking size-inclusive shorts I could find (that weren’t basketball shorts) were these Middleweight Overdye Shorts for straight and big and tall sizes that go up to 6XL that come in the most beautiful orange heather color from Champion.

Lastly, if you are wanting a variety of earth tone color options look no further than these OGC Chino Jogger Shorts from Old Navy, especially if you don’t mind an above-the-knee 7-inch inseam.

Lightweight tights, leggings, and jeans

Bottoms are the absolute hardest piece of clothing to get just right especially if you have a waist above 40 inches. This is why it’s so important to only order online from stores that have at least a 14-day return policy so you can keep ordering till you find the perfect pair. We will not be settling or buying clothes to be added to our “one day it will fit” pile.

The most ethical and just all-around badass place for leggings is by far Snag Tights which have every pair of tights, leggings, chub rub shorts, and thigh-high socks a thick human could ask for ranging from a size 0 to a 34. Even though they barely have any earth tones, I wanted to give them an honorable mention.

You can check out Girlfriend Collection and give their Heather FLOAT Ultralight Leggings a gander if you are wanting all the fun earthy tones in a soft legging that ranges from XXS to 6X.

My top contenders for feminine summer jeans are a tie between these Weekender Jeans from Good American that goes to a size 24 and these Baggy Straight Leg Jeans from Madewell that go to an awesome 28W. I also freaked out when I saw these Brown Good Waist Suede-Like Bottoms that have some flat tummy tech if you're into shapewear bottoms.

Want something a bit more baggy? My favorite Men’s denim pants have to be from Old Navy because these Boot Cut Jeans not only go up to a 56W but they have a dark and light wash option for just $29.

But if you are looking to spend a little more on Men’s jeans, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic Levis. My boyfriend swears by these 501 Orginal Men’s Fit Jeans that include a medium and dark wash that goes up to a 58 waist.

Neutral sandals, white boots, and some pretty cool sneakers

Now you didn’t think I would forget about the shoes did ya?

When gathering options for shoes that went up to at least a size 11.5 and had wide options the best option looked like it would be ASOS especially if you can catch one of their sales. I personally snagged their Black Wide Fit Flatform Sandals and White Wide Fit Obey Lace Up Ankle Boots the boots need to be sized up but the sandals were perfect.

Also, every wardrobe would not be complete without at least one pair of Birkenstock sandals for the hotter months. I’m a fan of the Namica Suede Leather Platform Sandals that remind me of my middle school slip-ons from the 90s and this classic Arizona 2-strap Sandal that you can get in almost any color.

I’m a bit biased when it comes to the capsule staple that is the white sneaker. Of course, you can find a white sneaker anywhere but I personally love the Vans Classic Slip On and these Chuck Taylor All Star Classic from Converse. But if you want to add a little bit of spice to your Converse, this Run Star Motion Platform and Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged Leather are total show stoppers.

I hope these spring earth tone style ideas have lit a fire under you to help you organize your closet for spring. Let’s get rid of our overcrowded wardrobes and only stick to clothing items that bring us the most amount of joy and comfort.