I made this for you! This is for anyone who has ever got called out for being different. Your body no matter the color, size, and sexual orientation, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

I will do everything in my power to make you feel like you belong. I’ll rally in the streets, pour my heart out on social media, and have open conversations with anyone who will listen. We all have bodies and we need to learn how to love everyone else’s.

I made this lettering piece this past week for pride month but it quickly became so much more then that. I’ll be going to local businesses here in Portland offering this design as signage to put in their storefronts so people know that there are other places that welcome them too.

Please help me spread this message. Share it on social media, mention your friends in the comments of this piece on Instagram and have your local small businesses contact me to add this sign to their shop.


This piece was started live on stream last Sunday on Patreon where I had a blast playing with these fabulous Glitter Photoshop pack from Creative Market. They took a little experimentation to figure out how to get that realistic glitter sparkle but after some trial and error I figured it out.

Hint, you have to create a new layer and select the color of glitter first in the Actions panel, then use the Dusty Glitter Brush to draw in your letters. That way all of the same colors are on the same layer giving it that nice gradient of shadowing you see here.

Then they have a scatter Brush where you can add some light glitter dusting so the letters can look a bit messier but much more realistic.

If you would like to see my process creating this piece consider joining my lettering community at Patreon for $15 for access to every weekly live stream I've ever done, plus the next one that is happening this Sunday at 5pm PST.