When Quantity is Actually Better Than Quality


Who says that everything needs to be quality anyway? Oh right...everyone, just not me. 

When it comes to most things like friends, our portfolio, and the clients we work with, we need to be picky. But quality over quantity isn't always the best mindset to have when it comes to: 

1. Posting: Get over your perfectionism and post it already! Done is better than perfect. Consistency is the only thing that will break through the noise of social media.

2. Practice: You can never practice too much. Every drawing gets you closer to your fame and freelance goals. So keep making new things every day even if it sucks. 

3. Panties: Our privates can be so sexy but also super gross. Cover up that precious junk. Laundry day is no excuse to go commando; I can smell you from here.   

Jokes aside, it's our fear of failure that prevents us from finishing projects, let along posting them. We all put way to much pressure on our feeds when this is the place we should be the most transparent. Show me your process! I want to see your face! I want to know you, warts and all! It's often our mistakes and failures that makes us the most human, which is relatable AF!

No matter what social media platform you use, consistency will be the thing to rule them all. So if you post one bad thing, it will just get buried in a week anyway. Or if you change your style, no one will notice because they will watch it happen gradually day by day as you improve your skills. 

This whole creative journey is a process and is hard as fuck. Don't make it harder on yourself by trying to make everything perfect. 

Getting Ready for Dribbble Hangtime Seattle

These doodles are a sneak peek at some of the custom graphics I'm making for my upcoming talk at Dribbble Hangtime Seattle. The theme of this conference is Quality over Quantity, so naturally, I had to do the opposite. Hehe

There is still time to grab your tickets if you're neighboring the Seattle area. I got you that 10% discount if you want a day filled with inspirational talks by some of the greatest artists and designers I've had the pleasure of knowing. 

This talk will also feature part of my upcoming course Bull-shit Free Social Media Marketing for Artists. Sign up to learn all about it and get a bunch of free tips as I build this sucker out.