As a creative, you probably spend a ton of time on your art. Zooming in to make sure every pixel and placement is in just the right place. You go back and forth on colors and texture for the perfect amount of contrast. Then your baby is born and ready to be shown to the world. You post it on Instagram and what happens… no one fucking cares.

I promise you this lack of likes has nothing to do with you; it’s Instagram blocking your business account because they want you to pay to play.

I have seen more complaints about Instagram in the last week than in my entire experience with this platform. Everyone’s engagement dropped off a cliff, and we're scrambling to figure out what went wrong. The worst part is most of us are blaming ourselves. NO MORE!

If you run any kind of art business, you need social media to advertise your services, yes, but you don't have to let make you feel like shit. If Instagram is pissing you off, maybe it’s time to diversify to other visual platforms like Dribbble, Behance, or Pinterest that are still chronological. Or even better consider starting a Patreon to build up your community like me for some extra cash.

Either way, we have to start trying out different things, so our businesses don't suffocate as a result. I love/hate Instagram just as much as the next person and I don't want to abandon ship or my 18k followers. Since I’m pissed, I’m using that fire to research wtf is happening to our beloved platform and how we can get this algorithm whore on our side.


Fuck Instagram! After scouring the internet I was able to find a few tips or at the very least credited rumors on how we can get the Instagram gods back in our favor.

  1. Don't edit your descriptions too long after you post. Apparently, it resets the algorithm, so any engagement you have is null and void. Type carefully, people! It’s safer to edit after the first hour if there is a glaring spelling or formatting error. too long after you post.
  2. One of the biggest Instagram fails is going overboard on hashtags. But more importantly don't use overly popular hashtags repetitively, this will get your shadowbanned. Instead, go for less competitive tags under 250k searches to hit that "Top Posts" section. It’s recommended to stay within 20 and leave them in the description, not the first comment.
  3. Tall images on Instagram perform better since they grab people's attention longer. The more time someone is looking at your post, the more engagement the algorithm gives you. The same thing can be said when using video, the slide feature, or using a Boomerang. Whatever you can do to stand out in someone’s feed is a good thing.
  4. People are looking at Stories more than your grid, so post more frequently there. It's recommended to have 5-8 great Instagram stories per day to keep your following updated. Also be sure to repeat the post in your grid to your Stories for maximum engagement.
  5. Switching from a business account to a personal account will give you anywhere from 10-30% more engagement from your followers. Worth a try right? This change is especially significant if you have tried using ads in the past and then stopped. Instagram fucks with your account since you didn’t give them repeat business. Assholes!
  6. Writing longer descriptions helps with engagement because the more there is to read the more points you get from the algorithm. Plus it's just nice for people to learn more about your work and get more value from you.
  7. On average, posting daily is the best way to grow your following, especially when you post in the am when everyone is waking up with their phones. This is intimidating, but if you show more of yourself and your process you'll fill up your feed way easier.


Hopefully, these tips will make a difference for your account, but at the end of the day, we are all just guessing. It's because of this uncertainty that I’m trying out each of these tips for myself starting this week.

I’ve done the research, and I made the leap of switching back to my personal account which is scary because I won't have access to analytics or links in my stories. So far it’s only been a day, and I’m already noticing a change. I’m also writing longer descriptions, using the right amount of unpopular hashtags, and posting EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY.

I’ll be keeping you in the loop on my search for better engagement on Instagram in my Story Highlights marked “Social Tips.” I’ll be giving real stats and tips that have impacted my following, and I hope you do the same with yours.

I invite you to use my Fuck This Algorithm video to feature in your grid and stories to provide more value for your following because we are all feeling the hurt. Who knew ten years ago that social media was going to be this much of bitch but at least we are in it together.

Good luck my friends.