You don’t need anyone’s permission to make yourself a priority in your own damn life. Yes, people will always have expectations of you but you can’t spend your time making other people happy till the point that you completely forget about your dreams.

If you’re bored with the day to day with nothing new or real to motivate you, there is a problem! Our time on this earth is so damn limited so why are you just passing time without making the most of it? Work towards something that will make a difference in your bigger picture.

Travel more if you feel stuck in the same place. Quit your stressful job so you can find something else that doesn’t make you cringe every morning when you wake up. Study what you’re passionate about even if that means less job security. Love whoever makes your heart swell up and fuck all the safety nets.

No one can give you permission to start but yourself because your future is in your hands alone. It’s ok to admit that you want more. People may not accept it but that’s just their own insecurities trying to drag you down because they are too afraid to take the same risk.

This new phase of your life will be hard and uncomfortable but so fucking worth wild! You are never too old to learn new things and start something crazy. There will never be the right time so you might as well just start now.