Removing Toxic People From Your Life So You Have More Room To Grow


🌺 Hey asshole, what the hell are you doing I'm trying to grow over here!?⁣

A new piece inspired by the toxic people we choose to be in our corner. Those special few that get to see our raw pink emotional insides that sometimes aren't the best company. They don't mean to step on you, but you make it so damn easy because you keep letting them. ⁣

Life is a bastard, and self-love already feels impossible so WHY are you making this harder than it needs to be? Speak up when you're spoken down to and don't let them trample your confidence. You have more control than you think if you just stand up for yourself. ⁣⁣

This design was made digitally using Astropad to screen mirror Photoshop to my iPad. I used a Ztylus case on my Apple Pencil for a better grip and murdered some flowers in my apartment complex for this shoot. Btw an actual spider came out of it as I was shooting them. 🕷️ Instant karma.⁣


Don't mistake these fallen petals for weakness, I had to shake them loose to make room for something better.⁣

Each of these petals represents someone I've let go to get where I am today. That childhood friend that pressured me to be the worst version of myself. The angry, jealous boyfriend that was too afraid of my independence. My list is long, but it holds no regrets. ⁣

I know it sounds naive, but I didn't notice it at first that I was being abused in these relationships. I was just so excited that I had people in my life, they made me choke on their love till I thought it was the only option. I thought these people were the ones that were looking out for me, but they just wanted what was best for them. Even if it meant making me feel small so they could feel more important. ⁣

Breakup with the toxic people in your life. You know the one you are thinking of right now as you read this? They will only bring you down to their level, no matter how many times you try to raise them up. Shed the dead weight and let yourself outgrow them. Just please don't let them step on you anymore, you deserve so much better. ⁣

5 signs that the people you love are toxic as fuck and you need to get them out of your life.

The damage that toxic people have over our lives can feel fucking overwhelming. Since we usually choose to see the best versions of the people we love, we don’t always realize that the role they play in our lives is actually hurting us more than helping us.

So watch out for a few of these signs to see if it’s time to have a sit down with the toxic people in your life. If that conversation goes south, it may be time to let them go.

  1. They lean on you and expect you to be there at every turn, but they will never be there for you in the same way. Either they bail at the last minute, or always seem to have an excuse to not be there when you really need them.

  2. They say they support you, but they never want to talk about your big dreams. When you share your day and how your growing, they always find a way to change the subject. You can tell that you following your goals makes them uncomfortable, so you end up not talking about them at all.

  3. They always find a way to bring up that one thing that you did wrong or that makes you “not good enough” and plug it into every conversation. Whether it’s an embarrassing story, something negative about your appearance, or anything else that would dig at your confidence.

  4. They want to keep you all to themselves and prevent you from forming new relationships. You were the unstoppable duo at first, partners in crime but over time those once happy feelings of being together are turning into jealousy and distrust.

  5. They continuously manipulate you and make you feel like you owe them something. When they do you a favor, they only do so to get something out of it later. You can tell they have a running tally in their head, so they always have the upper hand and all the power in the relationship.

Yeah, that hurt to write just as much as I think it bothers you to read. Who did it make you think of? Your mom always digging at your weight, your emotionally crippled partner that never lets you leave the house, the best friend that always makes you feel less than you are because that’s where they want you. Now that you notice all this toxic bullshit, what are you going to do about it?