Slow Fashion Exclusive Clothing Policy

Making and Shipping

Our slow-fashion clothing is produced sustainably to minimize waste and environmental impact. Here's how our production and shipping process works: 

What makes our production sustainable?

  • Clothes are printed and shipped after orders to prevent waste.
  • Partnership with Printful to reduce fashion industry's environmental impact.
  • Aiming to reduce fabric waste compared to traditional manufacturing.
  • Products are OEKO-TEX certified for quality.
  • High-quality materials for longer-lasting products. 

How long does it take slow fashion to get printed?

  • Slow fashion items take 5-10 business days to print.
  • Most products printed in an average of 7 days.
  • 78% of orders delivered regionally for reduced CO2 emissions. 

    How long till my slow fashion items arrive?

    • US orders: 5-7 days
    • International orders: 7-15 days
    • Canadian orders: 15-30 days 

    Why did parts of my order ship separately?

    • Printful has various locations for faster delivery.
    • Items may ship separately for efficiency.