As some of you know, I've been planning a new web series called Women of Illustration, that features talented female artists from all over the world. I choose the lineup, built the website, started an Instagram that features new artists' work, and now the first ever episode is now live!

This show has been months in the making, and I'm so excited to see where this personal project will go. It all started because I saw a gap in the design industry where women were not being featured on as many shows, podcasts, and conferences as they should be.

I want to try to make a real difference for female artists. For us all to be more confident in our work and create our own opportunities so we can be seen more so we can get more work. I want us to have a safe space where we can discuss all the sore spots of being an illustrator so we can make it easier for the next generation of women.

Over the next year, I will have 21 episodes on topics covering everything from how to find your style to how to claim your independence as a woman so you can do fantastic work and get paid top dollar for it.

Right now, the first ever episode is live, and it covers one of the most significant questions for beginner illustrators, “how do I find my style?” The simple answer is practice, but we need more. How do we practice, what do we practice, and is there a way to practice the wrong way?


You can watch me and my friend Irene Feleo a fantastic Animator and Illustrator in New York on what we think is the quickest way to go from practicing to finding your style and get paid for your art. You can see the entire episode at womenofillustration.com with plenty of show notes and images of Irene and her abstract work.

You can also get early access to new episodes by becoming a supporting on Patreon for just $1 a month. Not only do you get new content first but you also get to join our community with live events with guests.