We are doing a model call for our alternative swimsuits collection that is now live! I know what you're thinking, “I don't have a swimsuit model body” or “I don't look like the models on sports illustrated” and we simply say FUCK THAT. Everyone has a right to look damn good as they please when it comes to swimsuit modeling!

Swimsuit modeling should not be limited to certain body types and bikini bodies are not just for size 0 and we wanna show that off with this new upcoming collection. With 3 designs and a variety of styles that will fit your aesthetic and confidence while making sure you are comfortable in your skin.

Hot girl summer is coming quick and we wanna show the world that us bad bitches are here with these new alternative swimsuits.

Megan Khaziran.jpg
Nicole McGlyn front.jpg
Teddy Seymore bottom back.jpg


Peace out to the haters and show some love with the middle finger with this alternative swimsuit design called Throwing Hands! With three color options to fit your style and add some variety to that punk rock closet, and with the bikini sold separately you can mix and match the colors of your tops and bottoms as well! Hell yeah! This is perfect for any warm day that you're feeling edgy and cool.

This one-piece swimsuit is made out of a chlorine-resistant fabric with a scoop neckline and a cute low cut in the back to avoid those awkward tan lines and giving beautiful shape to anybody.

This patterned swimsuit has a bikini option too! With a Padded Bikini Top that is double-layered, for security, and has removable padding that makes it easy for washing after trips to the pool, it's basically hassle free comfort and confidence! Also the High-Waisted Bikini Bottom is perfect for hot girl summer and makes everyone feel comfortable on the beach thanks to its styled waistline and double-layered material.

Tie-Dye Mushroom Recycled Padded Bikini Top
Tie-Dye Mushroom Recycled High Waisted Bikini Bottoms
Tie-Dye Mushroom One Piece Swimsuit


Your next supper trippy beach journey awaits! This Tie-Dye Mushroom Swimsuits design will be your new best friend if you're into all things hippie, mellow, and good vibes only. With a variety of patterned mushrooms spread out on a beautiful bright color palette, you’ll be walking on sunshine and with enough positive vibes to go around for everyone.

Psychedelic and sexy is what you’ll be with this kickass design! Bright and vibrant like your confidence, this alternative swimsuit has hippie trippy dreams all over it. Made out of a chlorine-resistant fabric with a scoop neckline and a cute low cut in the back, this patterned bathing suit will be perfect for anyone looking for a cheeky styled fit that goes perfect with its tie dye colors. It's a forest party right on your body!

Oh Shiitake! There's a bikini too! Be your own hippie bikini babe with this groovy two piece. With a Padded Top that's double-layer and comes removable padding that makes it comfortable and fit just right. Don't forget about the mellowed designed High-Waisted bikini Bottoms that are styled for you to be badass and to feel totally radical.

Leslie Entwistle Top Back.jpg
dino bottom back.jpg
Angela Sasaki.jpg


RAWR! means holy fuck theres a fossil design too with our Dino Swimsuits! Of course there is, we took that dinosaur pattern from the shop shorts and added to our alternative swimsuit collection! Being bad to the bone is crucial when showing off that body and while getting a tan!

This design won't be going extinct anytime soon! This one-piece addition is also made out of the same chlorine-resistant material used with all the other pieces in this alternative swimsuit collection and comes with a scoop neckline and a back cut that gives you the right amount of sun on the right amount of skin. You can show off and feel comfortable while running from dinosaurs this hot girl summer.

Do you think Jurassic Park has a pool? This bikini needs to be shown off! With a High-waisted secured swim bottom to show off that kick ass pattern as well as a padded bikini top that’ll make you feel comfortable to move around freely. Feels good and makes you look good all in one!

This is the part where we tell you how to get in on this sweet swimsuit modeling action for our model call!

How To Become A Swimsuit Model For This Collection

What are the requirements? We are looking for models who can rock between sizes XS up to a 3X that are 18+. No prior modeling experience needed, just need to know how to pose and work your confident photography magic to make those awesome swimsuits look extra rad AF. You can model from anywhere because you’ll be taking your own photos.

Here's the easy part on how to become a swimsuit model for this collection, reply to this tweet with a picture of your bathing suit modeling skills on Twitter. Also be sure to tell us which design up above is your favorite, along with your size. Then we will select 3 models per design to send a free suit and also pay you per photo!

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