There is no worse feeling then doing daily art just to feel stuck when making something new. If you find that you’re self-esteem is down in the dumps and your motivation is flickering, those are warning signs that you are going the wrong direction with your art.

In this hour live stream, I’ll go over my personal happy artist checklist to test to see if you are going in the wrong direction or not. Then we can build ourselves back up with a plan to create the art we were always meant to create.

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Happiness checklist

  • You are doing something that gets you excited to work
  • You have subject matters and a train of thought repeated in your work
  • You get an accomplishment high when you wrap up a project
  • You crave to have someone to talk to about your art
  • You would still make things for yourself whether or not it made money
  • You lose time when your work because you are literally having too much fun

Unhappiness checklist

  • You hate compliments because you feel like a fraud
  • You always compare your work to others so you end up copying them
  • You feel stuck and dread creating something new
  • You avoid working and procrastinate till the very last minute
  • You spend more time planing then actually making
  • You hesitate to call yourself an artist, to begin with

How to get on the right path with your art

  • Focus on just one series at a time exploring a new theme
  • Repeat your favorite elements you like to include in your dream work
  • Create art based on how you see the world with one unified message
  • Do more of what feels good, not just what other people like
  • Take a social break to enjoy making without the pressure of validation
  • Create at the same time every day when you have the most energy