Instagram’s being a bitch again. Tryin’ to be like the clock app. Pffft. What posers. Since they’re “no longer a photo sharing platform,” looks like we gotta change the game! So we’re introducing a BRAND NEW way to make some $$$ as a Letter Shoppe Ambassador: we’re looking for our clothes to be worn and shown off by REAL people of every shape, location, and gender expression in VIDEO FORMAT!

If you’re a certified badass and haven’t already joined our Ambassador Program, please do! It’s a great way to interact with the Letter Shoppe Nation while making some extra cash from commissions along the way.

This guide was created to help you get paid on your first try when sending in videos to be featured. That’s right! When your videos meet our Approval Guidelines below, we WILL pay you for them. No really. We’re serious.

We pay $30 per video shot with any device, DSLR or mobile camera as long as they are between 5 and 15 seconds and meet our guidelines below (up to 3 videos per design).


1. Just The Right Dimensions and Resolution

All videos must be shot in PORTRAIT (tall) FORMAT in no less than 720p 30FPS. Landscape videos will not be accepted. Typically, your phone default records at 720p 30FPS, but you can always double check that by looking at your camera settings within your native camera app on your phone.

Please do not put filters on your videos as that can distort the colors in the design and/or make the video appear at a lower resolution than it is. Excessive face/body altering filters will also not be accepted. Show off your natural beauty like the true badass you are!

Also to note, please use the back camera if you can, or make use of our good friend TikTok for the inverted filter. Our hand-lettered graphics need to be easily read by every viewer.

2. Good Lighting

Use bright, natural light so we can see the details of your beautiful face AND the design. Cloudy days actually make for really great lighting (weirdly enough) as it filters out some of the harsher daylight if you’re shooting in the middle of the day.

For the best lighting, we recommend shooting between the hours of 7AM and 11AM, or for those aesthetic golden hour photos, look up when the sun sets in your area, and plan for an hour or two beforehand.

If the weather sucks and you are forced to shoot indoors, make sure you turn all your lights on and shoot near a naturally lit window during those peak sun hours. If the photos are too grainy from lack of proper light, we will not be able to approve them.

3. Design as a Focal Point

Always make sure that the apparel above all else is in focus, blurry art doesn’t sell well. So try to avoid using the “Portrait” feature on mobile devices since it tends to blur out the background and sometimes pieces of the shirt.

When moving around in the video, always be conscious of the design. Try not to cover up any of the hand-lettered graphics in the shirt with hair or outerwear for too long a time if it can be avoided. In moving around, it’s gonna get covered up a bit here and there, but always make sure to leave a few seconds at the end where the phrase is easy to read for everyone.

PLEASE DO NOT cut or alter the colors of the apparel for any videos sent in for approval. What people see in the videos should be an accurate representation of what they receive in the mail after they purchase something from the shop.


The best thing about video is that you can be as creative as you’d like, or as simple, and it’s still effective! You can do something as simple as a boomerang or you can go all out with action shots or slo-mo video. The possibilities are endless! To narrow it down though, here are a couple of things we’d recommend:

1. Transition Trends

Transition trends are probably the easiest to follow as they all follow the same formula: show yourself when you’re au naturel and then again when you’re all done up, looking confident as hell!

2. Street Fashion Shots

You’ve seen those Chinese Street Fashion videos right? They’re incredible. Make your own by putting together an incredible outfit and filming yourself walking down a street in slow motion!

3. GRWM/Fit-building

Get ready with me videos are BIG in 2021. Show off how you style your favorite pieces in a cool step-by-step style video!

4. Lifestyle Action Shots

You might need to recruit a friend for this one, but they payoff is sooooo worth it! Got a swimsuit? Use a body of water to splash around in! Got a t-shirt? Let the design inspire your actions! Just remember that TikTok doesn’t allow for marijuana use or “excessive” sexuality (these hoes don’t know what life about).

5. Photo Video Collage

If you prefer taking photos over videos, one cool way to make it more interesting is by putting a collage of images together and syncing it up to a sound that fits your vibe. It can be the same piece of apparel in every shot, just make sure you’re shooting in different locations so that it’s not too bland.

6. Motion “Photos” (5 Sec Clips)

5 second clips of you doing a little twirl or a couple of poses is honestly perfect. You don’t have to do too much! Just be your natural badass self ✌

We can’t wait to see your videos and feature you!

Once you’ve got your kick ass videos, send them over to models@lettershoppe.com with “[NAME] Video Submission” in the subject line to request approval. We won’t accept any videos with the TikTok watermark, but you can use https://snaptik.app to download them from your account that removes it for you. In the body of the email, please include your social media links, what size you’re wearing, and the location where the video was shot. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as we can!

Videos MUST be submitted via EMAIL. Any videos where we are tagged on social media do not automatically qualify to be featured and receive payment.

Casting calls for new collections will be announced in monthly newsletters, on Twitter, and in our Ambassador exclusive community Discord that’s coming soon. If you haven’t already, please join our Ambassador Program to start earning commissions for all your hard work right now!