You get two mockup options on the same background with the option of choosing to showcase your work on the iPad or on a piece of paper with a paint brush. You also have the option to use the 72 DPI for the web and social media, or the 300 DPI version for print.

This was my first time doing mockups like these and I'm excited to see all the cool artwork you use to make these mockups come alive. When posting online be sure to tag @lettershoppe on Instagram so I can feature your work in my Stories to my 27k+ followers.

If these mockups are a hit, I may just do them every month!

New Years Mockups - 72 DPI.png
New Years Mockups2 - 72 DPI.png
place here.png

You can easily include your own artwork by double clicking on the smart layer “Place your art here”. It will open a new Photoshop document where you can place your own 8.5 x 11.25 artwork into the file. Once you save the file with your art, it will magically appear in the mock up.

Be sure to delete my art file and change the background color to your desired color by double clicking on the layer and changing it using Color Overlay. For the iPad Procreate mockup you can also choose the brush color in the top right corner of the iPad by using Color Overlay as well.



Download this zipped file from dropbox