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Inside my hand lettering studio in Portland, Oregon.


Professional lettering artist here to help you kick ass.

Every day I combine my 10 years of design experience to create art that entertains, engages and inspires a community near you. The kind of design that’s custom-made to to make people happy by promoting mental health, body positivity, and cannabis.

Over the past six years, hand lettering has been the primary focus of my career. What started as a hobby drawing letters for a few hours every day, quickly turned into a full-time passion doing client work for companies like American Greetings, Wacom, and Penguin Books. 


If you hang out with me long enough, I will brain wash you into believing into yourself.

Early on in my career I started teaching everything I know on lettering and freelance so I could better understand my craft while helping others do the same. I started blogging, writing books, and began to share more of my work on YouTube so I could build a creative community around my hand lettering and values.

It's this level of transparency and excitement in teaching has led me to travel the country doing talks and workshops guiding students on the art of making a living from your passion.


Learn lettering and art business on Patreon every fucking month.

A big part of teaching has gone into self-publishing a workbook series called Lettering Adventures where I created 23 digital workbooks that show you how to draw all kinds of cool styles of vintage hand lettering.

Join us on Patreon, where I have over 300 students learning a new type style every month like Victorian and Blackletter at a 50% discount. Then for just $1, you get access to my Secret Art Diary podcast that I privately record every week that’s incredibly vulnerable and juicy as fuck.


Limited edition shirts, leggings, and tanks for all kinds of bodies.

Most recently I started my own apparel line full of badass female forward art celebrating cannabis, curvy woman, and the creative soul. Size inclusive clothes that are insanely comfortable with messages women can rally behind. Each apparel line is super limited with just 10 pieces in each size that will never be restocked.

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter for first dibs on everything I’m making a full day before the public gets it. Luckily each design only stays in stock for a month, then it’s time for the next featured piece to take it’s place.


My favorite hand lettering services

Inspire brand loyalty, increase sales, and drive engagement with handmade graphics


Chalk Murals

Need some organic hand drawn chalk illustration for your office, menu, or next event? I have the experience to custom design artwork to attract your community, and fill those blank white walls. 

hand lettered shirt design

Shirt Design

Get people connected to your brand with a powerful message that they'll love to show off. Drape your audience with just the right creative merch and watch the profits roll on in.  

hand lettered editorial design


Get people reading again. Prove to your audience that your content is worth the time with beautiful attention-grabbing images that expand your brand's influence and readership. 

hand lettered commissions


Give the gift of personalized art that's made for that special someone in your life. I'll bring your message to life whether it's for a simple greeting card or a badass leather jacket patch.  

hand lettered social media

Social Media

Use beautifully crafted images to grow your audience and increase brand awareness. Authentic marketing you can use on social to engage with your followers on a more personal level. 

hand lettered advertising


Get noticed in a world filled with ads by combining custom illustration and lettering to create a meaningful campaign. No generic stock images and overused typefaces for your quality brand.  

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Average Pricing

Each project ranges from $500-$2k depending on the level of detail and content.

Project Timeline

Have your project completed and ready for print within just 2 weeks after a 50% deposit.

Usage Rights

Non-exclusive rights are included with the project with the option to purchase more.

I want to be your next best friend on the internet

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