3-month course dropping this FALL


In this 3-month video course for artists and illustrators of all experience levels, you'll learn how to post consistently, get noticed, and make money doing what you love using any social media platform you want.

The key to this class is to find your niche and brand voice so you can finally promote yourself without sounding like another asshole salesperson. While you go through each video and homework assignment, you’ll be creating content you can use across all your social platforms, while building up your portfolio with the exact kind of work you want to get paid for.

The goal is to create a sales funnel to your website so you can turn social media followers into paying clients and customers. So it only makes sense that you build up your following and the content on your website at the same time. 

The best part of this course is that I'll be helping you every step of the way with weekly live Q&A's. This will be your opportunity to ask questions and get helpful class critiques on your projects. This hands on approach will motivate you to stay on course and finish assignments so you can reap the rewards of being an authentic artist online. 


"I made an extra $65,000 last year thanks to social media because I used it to talk with people rather than at them. The trick is posting everyday, finding your voice, and not giving a fuck about likes or followers."

Hand Lettering Artist - Dina Rodriguez
18k followers on Instagram, not that it matters. 
10k website visitors a month, now that's where the money is at. 

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BECOME A making machine 


Portfolio projects that make people freak the fuck out.

This class is chalk full of creative illustration projects to help you fill your website and feed with engaging content. You'll be creating personal projects and in-depth case studies to garner interest in your work and wow clients into hiring you.


Make your friends crazy jealous of your productivity.

Post more consistently on social without the burnout. Separate all your shiny objects from your money makers by focusing on what matters most. Transform your day from an endless list of to do's into riding an achievement high all the way to the bank.  


Writing content that doesn't suck and make you look fake.

With writing assignments, you'll finally fill your website with more than just a grid of images. You'll figure out your services, niche, and talk about yourself in a way that gets clients wanting to work with you and people wanting to support you. 


Reach the followers that actually help you pay rent.

Gain a following that doesn't just make you look cool, but gives you referrals, buys your products, and hires you. When it comes to followers, quality is better than quantity. It's better to have 1,000 loyal followers than 100,000 that never give you a dime.