Don't Fuel Your Self Doubt

Don't Fuel Your Self Doubt


Don't let self doubt tell you that you're not good enough. The world will be doing enough of that for you. 

It's easy to compare yourself to the people you see online. You follow them because you want to be them. The person with the perfect beach body, effortless career success, and the too good to be true love interest. Who wouldn't want all of that? 

It's enough to make you work harder but with an extra layer of shame weighing you down with indecision. Then the second you try to put yourself out there it can feel like there is a wall of people trying to bring you back down. Sometimes I don't know whats worse, hateful internet comments or getting no comments at all. How fucked up is that?

We need to stop comparing our every goal against someones else's success. Let all that overthinking and self sabotage fall away to make room for that untaped confidence that I know you have. Your worth isn't related to anything outside your control, so stop looking for it in places that are already dead. 

Your value isn't in your job, looks, or other people's opinions. It's within you and is a big part of you are. You just have to find it, fight hard to keep it, and ask for help when you loose it. You will be ok. 

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