Never enough likes

Never enough likes


My self-worth shouldn’t be attached to how many like I get.

I always get caught up in the hype my posts on Instagram can create. Which makes failing hurt so much more. I have those great days where my photos magically get reposted everywhere with a new influx of followers praising my name. I'm on cloud 9 with a smile from ear to ear. But it's hard to not let all that validation go to my head.

This makes those days that I only get a few likes so much worse. Now I have expectations that keep growing and growing with every post I make. I constantly have to outdo myself, work harder to reach this never-ending idea of success.

Screw perfection, likes, and followers. What matters most is that I'm doing what I love and sharing it. The truer I am to myself the more my posts can relate to others. The second I start to make for other people, I lose everything I've been building towards. Authenticity.

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Customer Image by Saffy Khan

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