Feel The Fear Poster

Feel The Fear Poster


Getting deleted on Oct 31st, 2019

My pride got slapped in the face last week. I failed and got humbled real quick. All I can do now is learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward. I won't let fear prevent me from making art that makes a difference in people's lives, myself included.

My heart sank last week when I found out that Instagram deleted not one but two of my posts. It freaked me out so much that I didn't post a thing for a few days. I went through the cycle of fear and anger until it paralyzed me with indecision. When your actions are questioned you can't help but take a step back and wonder if you are still going in the right direction.

Then I remembered that it took fear to get me where I am today. I was afraid to quit my job to draw full time even though everyone told me I was crazy. I was scared that no one would value my opinion when I began teaching even though my ideas go against industry standards. And now I'm terrified that when I explore more serious subjects around cannabis, mental health, and body positivity in my work, that my account will be deleted.

But every time I went for it in the past, even when my I had that fear gnawing at my stomach, it all worked out for the better. I have to remember that and keep moving forward being the most honest version of myself.

Let's all keep growing but challenging ourselves to lead more authentic and happy lives. Feel that fear, and do it anyway.

  • Limited edition 50x70 cm poster.

  • Printed on thick, durable, matte paper.

  • Easily pay via Paypal or any major credit card at checkout.

  • Arrives within 2 weeks for US residents and 4 weeks for International orders.

  • Refunds available if item doesn’t show up or arrives damaged.

  • Inspired by plus size model Sonny Turner

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