Cheer Up Poster

Cheer Up Poster


Getting deleted on Oct 31st, 2019

Anxiety and depression disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S.​ right now that is ​affecting ​over ​40 million adults. That's ​18​%​​ ​of the population​, and yet some people think their issues aren't real. People think they will just snap out of it, or they are just having another bad day, but anxiety doesn't just go away when you ask it to. ​

My problems don't just vanish because ​you told ​a stupid joke, or ​made me watch a ​funny TV show. Don't you know that I just need someone to listen to me? Be my friend and help me work through all this shit in my head. ​What you're doing is just a temporary distraction ​and just makes me feel even worse because you are not seeing that I'm in real pain. 

Remove "cheer up" from your vocabulary and replace it with "do you want to talk about it?" Or if they need time to themselves, give them space instead of trying to fix it for them, because you can't. I promise the people in your life who suffer from this mental illness will love you even more for it. I know I do. ​

I added this poster to my shop as a reminder to myself to speak up when something is wrong and to be there for my friends that are going through the same thing. You are not alone, and I'll always be here to listen and never to judge. I love you, you will be ok.

Model inspiration from @chudnyyyy

  • Limited edition 30x40 cm poster.

  • Printed on thick, durable, matte paper.

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  • Arrives within 2 weeks for US residents and 4 weeks for International orders.

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