Or you can pay me a 10% royalty instead. That way I only make money if you do.


This option is great for businesses that have a lower budget and might feel a little overwhelmed making custom products for the first time. Adding things to your shop can be really expensive with marketing, printing, and fulfillment still needing to be added to the budget, so I totally understand if you need a little extra wiggle room.

Get started with a 25% upfront royalty deposit, then once the product has launched you pay me a 10% royalty rate. For example, if you choose the Holy Wow Package you would only pay me $562.50 to get started on the project. Then once I hit that amount from royalties after the product went live, you would then activate your monthly royalty rate of 10% of all profit from sales each month.

This options comes with its pros and cons for full transparency



  • You may end up paying me more depending on the success of the project especially if you plan to use it for more than a year.

  • You will not be able to offer this product for wholesale.

  • Failure to pay royalties on time will result in a $100 late fee and any abuse of our royalty agreement will result in loss of copyright.



  • Reduce your upfront costs by 75% so you can get higher quality products made or custom packaging for a better customer experience.

  • Get free marketing advice and advertising on Instagram to help promote sales.

  • You can opt to pay for full buyout usage rights within 1 month of project completion in case you change your mind or new funds become available.