Digital Monoweight Script Lettering Workbook Bundle

Digital Monoweight Script Lettering Workbook Bundle


Mono-weight script lettering is one of my favorite styles because of its curvy and playful nature. But don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking its easy draw. I’ll show you how to build each character from scratch while maintaining an even smooth weight. 

In this issue, I cover how to create custom swashes and ligatures to your script lettering so you can create unique pieces. Then for our Drawing Challenge, I teach you how to draw and digitalize a new logo word mark for your brand/name in this beautiful mono-weight script style. 

Everything that's included in this workbook:

  • Learn to draw 52 script Letters

  • Drawing Tutorial: How to Make A Vector Logo Design

  • 2 Instagram ready Photoshop mockups 

  • Draw digitally with Photoshop or Procreate files

  • Print out pages to practice traditionally

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