Digital Savvy Swashes Lettering Workbook

Digital Savvy Swashes Lettering Workbook


Savvy Swashes is a type form that originated from the 1970’s and was popularly used for book covers and the logo for the Rolling Stones. By adding swashes on the capital letters and ball terminals at the ends, this style is both sophisticated and organic.

In this digital workbook, you’ll learn how to draw each letter, step by step including both upper and lowercase letters. You’ll want to start by drawing out the skeleton, and then add varied weight. Remember, all lines that go down are thicker then any lines that go up. To complete the letter, include rounded off serifs along the ends of the stems.

Everything that's included in this workbook:

  • Learn to draw 52 capital and lowercase letters

  • Draw digitally with Photoshop or Procreate files

  • Print out pages to practice traditionally

Art and photography by Sonia Yim

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