Digital 70's Script Lettering Workbook

Digital 70's Script Lettering Workbook


Seventies script is bold, curvy, and can make any illustration look “totally far out”. This “funkadelic” script looks groovy when used in posters, magazines, and book covers, with its updated look made for the 21st century.

In this 30 page workbook, you’ll learn how to draw both upper and lowercase letters of 70's script. From there, you’ll explore with a Drawing Challenge that teaches you how to create your own greeting card that incorporates custom illustration and lettering to create more interesting compositions.

Everything that's included in this workbook:

  • Learn to draw 53 capital and lowercase letters

  • Drawing Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Hand Lettered Card

  • 2 Instagram ready Photoshop mockups

  • Draw digitally with Photoshop or Procreate files

  • Print out pages to practice traditionally

Art and Photography by Ann Chen

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