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Hand Lettering Artist in Portland, Oregon

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A collection of my educational courses, talks, products, and workshops.

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Digital Lettering Workbooks

Learn one new style of vintage lettering every month

Join over 170 students on Patreon that are learning the ins and outs of new illustrative lettering styles every month. Become a more diverse lettering artist with practice books, drawing exercises, and video tutorials that walk you through each alphabet step by step. Tackle all the trickiest letters and join a community of artists just like you. 




The Business of Illustration and Lettering

Do you have a passion for drawing and dream of turning it into your next full-time gig? Get a full in-depth video course on Creative Live where I share my 4 step roadmap to becoming a successful freelance artist.

I'll provide detailed strategies, new ways to repurpose your work, and talk about planning for the future. After this class, you’ll know how to create a successful career and skip all that nasty trial-and-error.




Start streaming in less than a week

Live streaming on Twitch Creative is a golden opportunity for designers, makers and artists everywhere to show off their work and make money doing it. Become a streamer to use this platform to improve your skills, build up your confidence all while creating a unique community that will support you.

Take my email course that walks you through everything from setting up your stream, building an audience, to all the gadgets and tools you need to set up like a professional. 


available for speaking events

I'd love to share my knowledge of lettering and freelance with your community! I've had the opportunity to teach all over the country at conferences, schools, and other large company events. It's a fun way to bring people together, learn a new skill, and hit the ground running with some newly found inspiration.


Direct Purchase

Hire me to come and speak at your event starting at $500 + upfront travel expenses. 

Ticket Sales

Let's partner on the event by splitting ticket sales 60/40 + upfront travel expenses. 

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Creative South

Hand lettering workshop to help you expand your portfolio by adding new type styles like Blackletter, Victorian, and Circus lettering to your design tool belt in Columbus, GA. 

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Design Week Portland

A special lecture and happy hour event sponsored by Wacom that helps illustrators make consistent income doing what they love most. 

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Hall of Fame

An in-depth workshop teaching students how to create a hand lettered poster from start to finish at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL.

team bamboo launch event

Team Bamboo Launch

A high level design panel discussion and gallery event with the Lincoln Design crew at the Wacom Experience Center in Portland, OR.  

Dina’s class on freelancing was amazing! Extremely insightful and jam packed with tips and information that any maker, illustrator, and designer should know. Dina was articulate and knowledgeable. She was lighthearted and funny but still very educational and informative. I would love to take another class with her!
— Monica J. Chhugani
Wow. There was just so much information I never even knew I needed. Dina knows so much about everything and explains it so well, in context, and at a level that beginning freelancers/pre-freelancers can understand. I definitely learned a lot and will take this information with me to develop my lettering career!
— Valerie Yee
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