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Lettering Artist & Shirt Designer in Michigan

Discover the kind of art you were always meant to make

This lecture series will help you be more consistent on Instagram with personalized coaching and an entire community cheering you on along the way. In this class, you'll create a 2019 strategy whether you want to gain more followers, attract clients, or sell products.

I have been working towards this course for the past year trying to figure out to grow on Instagram. After taking online classes, doing research, and a butt load of trial and error, I realized that my problem was that I was targeting the wrong people. It wasn't my hashtags or captions, it was my freaking content! A reality check I wish I had years ago.

Using the tactics in this course, I've grown over 4k followers in just 3 months with monthly sales that allow me to do what I love full-time! I can help you push your art in the right direction that will actually get you paid. It's not about how many followers you have, but how you can make a living around a niche community that supports you. 


start as soon as you sign up

Take this online class at your own pace, get feedback as you post, and have a one on one strategy session with me at the end.


12 hours of lecture

These lectures are content rich with every tactic explained step by step. Plus you get homework assigned every class to help you practice what you learn.

Community chat

Talk to other students 24/7 in a special Discord text channel. This is where you can attach images of your work for critique and get feedback every time you post.

Teacher feedback

Get tips to improve your work, captions, and hashtags when you post. I’ll be answering questions and reviewing work everyday in the Discord chat to keep you on track.


Lecture 1: Prompt and Niche

Figure out what kind of work you want to get hired for and who you need to attract with your profile.


Lecture 2: Profile Makeover

Discover how to sell yourself in a few sentences while perfectly conveying all that you offer in your bio.


Lecture 3: Captions 101

Improve your storytelling so you can talk to your audience in a way that improves your overall engagement.


Lecture 4: Hashtag Strategy

Find the right hashtags that will get more eyes on your work from the exact people you are trying to attract.


Lecture 5: Getting Featured

My secret tips for getting your art featured on larger curated pages without having to pay for it.


Lecture 6: Community Outreach

Improve your relationship with the people that follow you through outreach and kindness.


Lecture 7: Influencer Marketing

Get Influencer marketing using a strategy that attracts brands to pay you to post about them.


Lecture 8: Analytics and Review

Look back at your work to do more of what works. Figure out your specific path to Instagram success.


 “The community we created around this course was really important moral support for me.”

Dina is on point when it comes to marketing strategy in general but she really knows the ins and outs of Instagram. The course is very well thought through, delivered in a way that will make you laugh but also question yourself, and is filled with easily actionable prompts.

I have looked up classes and articles about Instagram before, but this course went through much more specific subjects and I have now a clear understanding of the platform. The community we created on Discord around this course was also a really important moral support for me. As artists, we often work alone and being able to ask for feedback regularly was VERY valuable to me. All of this to say, totally worth it!

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Common questions answered


Do I get to keep the videos once the class is over?

Yes! Once the class is over and you have paid for the second half, you get a copy of all the slides used as well as links to be albe to watch videos whenever you want. You even get updated videos when I repeat this class again next year. That way you are always up to date on all the newest Instagram functionality and can keep growing even long after the class is done.

Why do I only pay 50% upfront, and how do the payments work?

You only pay $250 to sign up and another $250 when you are completely satisfied with the course. Once the class is over I’ll send your final invoice that includes a private one-on-one video coaching session upon final payment. I decided to go this route because I’ve taken so many classes before that I regretted that wasn’t worth the money. I would never want to make anyone feel betrayed in that way so I broke up the payments to make it easier on your wallet and your mind.

How long do I have access to the community Discord?

You will have 30 days access to the night-school Discord channel after your initial payment. But if you would like to continue getting feedback on your work, you can opt to be a Mod of the channel for longer access. This is where you will remain an active chatter that offers advice and feedback for newer students taking the course.


“She has clearly delved into social media from her own experiences and not just taking bits from Google.”

Dina is the Instagram QUEEN! She is so knowledgeable and has clearly delved into social media from her own experiences and not just taking bits from Google. Admittedly, I was super hesitant about the cost when you’re unsure of the outcome especially since this was the first dedicated class I’ve taken on this topic. But I knew Dina had the knowledge from being a Patron and seeing her tips on Instagram.

Each lesson plan is detailed and so thought out. Each class grows along with you as you build more content and hone your strategy. So many marketing courses will give you 101 of how to do things - but never fully gets into the nitty gritty. Dina shares everything from engagement, to hashtags, to diving deep into your analytics AND finding your own content strategy to keep succeeding after the class is over. It was super impressive how hands-on this was. Going over pretty much EVERYTHING when it comes to Instagram, which is SO needed for artists. 

If you're an artist who has NO idea what the flip they're doing with instagram (90% of us) and you're #DONE with the algorithm - this is it, this is the course, buddy. Look no further because this is 1000% worth the investment.

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Still not convinced?

Watch this free 90 min lecture on 5 things you can do to improve your Instagram right now.


“It's Dina's delightfully honest and hilarious personality that really makes this course worth it for me.”

If you feel like you're a victim of the dreaded algorithm, the course is incredibly empowering and gives you the steps you need to up your instagram game. Dina knows Instagram inside and out and she breaks down marketing strategies into easy-to-digest classes.

She provided real-life cases studies to show what works (and what doesn't) and explains how to use Instagram as a tool to reach you target audience. Her videos are obviously super informative, but it's Dina's delightfully honest and hilarious personality that really makes this course worth it for me.

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More Student testimonials


“She showed me what I was doing wrong and put me on a goal-oriented path, where I saw instant results.”

I went into this class with a basic understanding of how to advertise myself, but Dina opened up a whole new world of actionable steps I wasn’t utilizing to attract who I wanted. She showed me what I was doing wrong and put me on a goal-oriented path, where I saw instant results. Depending on if you just want more followers, more clients, or to sell product, Dina tells you the steps to get there through Instagram!

Dina is an amazing teacher who thoroughly explains Instagram as a marketing tool, giving you ways to market yourself without the ick factor. Insta Night School is an amazing class! You won’t regret taking it!

Lisa Long - @lisalongdesigns


“She takes what big brands use for marketing and makes it work for the little guys.”

Dina is legit when it comes to helping artists boost their Instagram game. She takes what big brands use for marketing and makes it work for the little guys. It's awesome to hear from someone skilled in the biz break down strategy and tactics in a way that's not overwhelming and easy to manage.

There's no weird mystery to why something is suggested. She's got the receipts! Highly suggest this to anyone who is wants to boost their IG or brush up on their skills.

Alice Tam - @dangertam


“I promise you you will get 10x the value of what you paid, not to mention the laughs.”

If you are struggling with IG, looking for more followers or simply looking to break it down into something that makes sense to you, Dina will show you EVERY step of the way.

Not only will she teach you how to get shit together in your head so you can create a plan to grow your following, but she will give you advice regarding life as a freelancer, business operations, tips to curate your feed, organization and much more.

This course is jam-packed with invaluable information, plus actionable steps that you can take after each class so you can see your progress! Dina is a brilliant, empathic teacher and I promise you you will get 10x the value of what you paid, not to mention the laughs.

Nicole Marie Borges - @marieborges


“Creatives are always ready to break the rules, but this course shows you how to bend them to you favor”

Dina's knowledge surrounding Instagram allows her to break-the-rules when it comes to marketing tactics, and planning content. She spunky, sharp, and is honest with her students.

She truly wants to help her pupils learn form what she has been through. This course is approachable, and isn't a bunch of commandments set in stone. You are able to pick and choose what things you want to try for your own instagram feed. This course isn't a formula, it helps you exercise your critical thinking.

Her knowledge of Instagram will allow you see how to pave your own way with your instagram feed instead of "being a sheep". Creatives are always ready to break the rules, but this course shows you how to bend them to you favor and use them without feeling like a fraud.

Dani Dodge - @studiododge