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Here's a bird's eye view of all the cool stuff I make that I would love for you to check out. Below are all the new projects, videos, interviews, and products that you have to know about.


New Lettering Workbook: 
Learn this Funkster Lettering Style

Join my hand lettering community on Patreon to get exclusive access to my latest lettering workbooks on both this Funkster and last month's Novel Lubalin style.

New Women of Illustration Video:
Ep 06: How to make money from art

We welcome Samantha Lopez back along with a special new guest, Kat Hubbs to discuss on all the cool ways you can make money as an artist aside from client work and a day job.

New Livestream Panel:
Women in Design on The Futur

A special Livestream event on what it means to be a woman in the design industry. We cover topics from equal representation in the media for women to how to deal with trolls once you've announced your a feminist. 

10 Tools I Use To Run My Lettering Business

These resources have helped me gained a faster workflow and a seamless onboarding process to take on new freelance clients.

Download 8 Workbooks Teaching You Vintage Lettering

Purchase your favorite workbooks that include step by step illustrations for each alphabet plus a special project tutorial. 

My Process Creating A Shirt Design for RedBubble

I walk you through my entire process from initial inquiry all the way to final delivery creating a new shirt design for RedBubble.