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Here's a bird's eye view of all the cool stuff I make that I would love for you to check out. Below are all the new projects, videos, interviews, and products that you have to know about.


New Lettering Workbook: 
Learn this Robotron Style

Join my hand lettering community on Patreon to get exclusive access to my latest lettering workbooks on both this Robotron and last month's Funkster style.

New Women of Illustration:
p 08 Do We Need Art School?

Is Art School really worth your while? Dina and Angi are back to break down the pros and cons of Art School, and if it’s the only way to kickstart your career as an artist. 

New Lettering Livestream:
90's Slang Lettering Pattern

This exercise helps with coming up with different lettering compositions, adding illustration to your work, and filling up any weird gaps of negative space.

New Product: Stay Weird Together Wallpaper

Let’s be freaks, weirdos, and geeks together. Support my art and beautify your desktop with this wallpaper filled alien characters.

10 Tools I Use To Run My Lettering Business

These resources have helped me gained a faster workflow and a seamless onboarding process to take on new freelance clients.

Download 8 Workbooks Teaching You Vintage Lettering

Purchase your favorite workbooks that include step by step illustrations for each alphabet plus a special project tutorial.