A personal project I made for my love of curse words. Now available as mugs, posters, dresses, shirts, iPhone cases and more on RedBubble.



I created this project live on Twitch for one of our community collages, where people in the chat tell me what to draw. This project has been by far my favorite from the collages I have worked on together with my Twitch fam. 

My process started by drawing the lettering first, trying to come up with various compositions and styles that would fit together like puzzle pieces. Then I added flash tattoo illustrations in all the left over nooks and crannies of the piece. 

For the final details, I stippled all the shading of the illustrations that took an insane amount of time to do traditionally dot, by beautiful dot. Then I added inline decorations and drop shadows to the lettering to make each word stand out on it's own. 

Finally, I decided to add tons of stars, dots, and doodles in the background to help fill all the negative space so the pattern would appear seamless. 

placeit (1).png
Curse Word Pattern

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