Stop Obsessing With How Much You Do And Make


Stop obsessing with how much you do and make. You are more than your output. In a world of workaholics we need to remember that self care comes first.

I wish I could take my own advice and take a breath when I feel like I’m spiraling. I’m so obsessed with getting more done that I forget that it takes a toll on my body, home life, and state of mind. 

I can’t tell you how many weeks go by where I don’t even take a day off. I just keep working as my body gets weak and my partner gets pissed. It’s so frustrating to find a good work life balance but I have to keep trying.

Being an artist is great but we have to be realistic on the toll it takes on the rest of our lives. If we’re unhealthy then our work will of course suffer for it. There needs to be a balance and we are the only ones in charge of our time in order to make that balance possible.

You are more than your output.png

Social media just makes it worse because everyone you follow just always seems like they are working harder than you. Making you want to work more to keep up.

This makes me think, what if we documented our days off online just as we would our work? So that way other people don’t think we are these making machines we advertise ourselves to be? Remember we are not robots, just messy emotional humans that need self love first in order to be productive.

Don’t burn out. Go binge a new guilty pleasure show. Take your dogs on a long walk. Hang out with friends without talking about work. Take a break when your body is yelling at you to stop. 

Just 👏 be 👏you 👏 not 👏 work