An Awesomely Weird Approach To Shirt Design Mock Ups

420 Weed Head.png

Lately, I have adopted a "why not?" attitude. Why not draw a bunch of boobs? Why not tell people I smoke weed? Why not call out Instagram for being an asshole...on Instagram?

I know "be yourself" sounds like an annoying cliche your parents say to you when you're feeling out of place. But that's the thing...artists like us need to be out of place, weird, loud, and different. Because its that little freak inside us that's the money maker that will get people to pay attention. 

So I decided to listen to my inner freak today, and she said (yeah duh it's a she), t-shirt mockups suck! Especially the ones on Redbubble. Don't get me wrong, I freaking love this print on demand platform, but their mockups do leave something to be desired. 

weird red bubble mock ups.png

Instead of having those same dead-eyed models across my feed when posting my latest designs, I decided to take my own spin with this Weed Head. Why not doodle all my favorite munchies and personify a weed plant all while advertising my latest shirt design?

This idea has got me REALLY excited so I wanted to share it! If you use platforms like Society6, Threadless, Design by Humans or Redbubble consider doodling on those basic bitch mock ups they provide to spice it up. That way it better matches with your message and is super cool looking. 

Anyone who tries this out, feel free to post it on Instagram using the tag #fuckmockups so I can find it and promote it on my Insta Stories. I'll also throw in a free critic, only if you want one. 

420 Weed Head zoom.png

Inhale the good shit with me

You can snag this tee for your closet on Redbubble. This design is also on all types of apparel, wall art, and home goods if you're not afraid of a little cursing and a good time.