How To Make Time To Do Everything In Your Art Business

With a never-ending to-do list of emails, client work, promotions, and social media it can be hard making time to get it all done. I'll be sharing my tips for getting organized and my secret formula for being productive every single week as an artist.

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Why you need to organize your time

  • If you don't plan you’ll always feel like a failure

  • You'll probably burn out eventually taking you longer to get back at it

  • You’re doing too many things at once meaning you kind of suck at everything

  • You are doing things last min for promotions vs having a plan of attack

  • You miss deadlines, seem unprofessional, and you don't make as much money

Tips for staying organized

  • Plan at the beginning of the week with a digital to-do list

  • Track your time to see how long things take

  • Document things as you go

  • Always have an organized set up for Photography

  • Stick to the same routine and process every day

My formula for getting shit done

  • How many hours do you want to work this week?

  • What kind of admin do you have to do?

  • How much time is dedicated to actual production?

My daily process

  1. Check on social, Patreon, emails, and Discord - 1 hour

  2. Start with all the boring admin work first - 2 hours

  3. Client, promotional, or personal work - 3 hours

  4. Check on social, Patreon, emails, and Discord - 1 hour

Tips for productivity

  • Pick what you enjoy most and use it as a reward

  • Knock out simple tasks first for motivation

  • Always give yourself a time buffer (round up)

  • Close your email and social media during production

  • Use food as a break, not as an excuse

  • Have just one passion project at a time

  • If you feel overworked just stop, take off, and come back