Celebrating Pride Month With Custom Art For Lowell Farms

lowellfarms_61530262_146639886390059_4507004875049814632_n (1).jpg

My partnership with Lowell Farms a California cannabis company to create a poster that honors inclusivity and celebrates love.⁠⁠

For the entire month of June, when you purchase their special Pride Pack, you get this free poster of mine! The best part is 10% of the proceeds directly benefit the LGBTQ community through their partnership with Glaad.⁠⁠

When I was approached to create this unique poster design, it felt like it was a dream project. I was impressed by Lowell Herb Co’s products and values. Especially how they set out to specifically hire people who were recently pardoned for non-violent cannabis crimes. I was so excited to deliver a powerful image that would attract their customers because it aligned with my own beliefs. ⁠⁠Representation is one of the first steps towards acceptance for the LGBTQ community and the more we talk about it, the less taboo it becomes.

As a female entrepreneur, I intentionally create artwork that changes people’s point of view so I can create the world I wished existed. ⁠⁠It’s ideal to be able to work with like-minded brands like Lowell Farms that believe in a better world where women and the LGBTQ community have a stronger voice.⁠

Lowell Smokes PRIDE Concept 1.png
Lowell Smokes PRIDE Concept 2.png

My process creating this special collaboration for PRIDE

As a bisexual woman, I had a a lot of ideas to bring to the table that my client. I helped come up with different phrases and illustration concepts that would show off different moments of what PRIDE represents. These were the two we ended up going down the rabbit hole with.

Concept 1: Can’t hide my love

For this illustration is was important to show actual representation of two women in love that are not ashamed to show it in public. I included two bodies holding hands with a banner circling around them with a statement of pride.

Then I wanted the pack to be placed in the center of it all helping bringing them together. For the icing on top, I also added in a little details like a LGBTQ patch on the jeans with a few yummy joints coming out of the pocket.

Concept 2: Celebrate and rise up

For this second concept, I wanted to show a woman enjoying one of Pride’s events, walking down the street with flowers in her hair and her arm in the air. I included the phrase on the back of her jean jacket along with with a large lips smoking a joint, even more flowers, and a pride patch with the LGBTQ emblem included.

This project that supported the PRIDE community was a huge success

I’m so happy to report that this campaign not only got featured in a ton of press on Weed Maps, Candid Chronicle, and Leafly but also raised a serious amount of funds for GLAAD. My art was tagged all over the internet and posters quickly sold out along with their special PRIDE blend joint packs across dispensaries all over California.

I was so honored to be apart of this project and I’m available now to create new custom designed work to support LGBTQ and cannabis communities around the world. You can visit my hire me page to view my current prices and process around creating a custom product that your community can rally behind.