It's Okay To Have No Idea What The Fuck You're Doing


Do you ever feel like you are just fucking everything up? Yeah, I think that way every single day of my life, regardless if anyone noticed. This whole adulthood thing is so much more complicated than I thought.

I overthink every decision, continually weighing the pros and cons in my head till I feel like I’ll burst with anxiety. I feel the pressure of the world holding its foot to my throat making me feel like every decision I make is do or die.

This, of course, is all in my head. It’s my anxiety and depression taking ahold of my self-control ruining yet another day. I’ll be in the middle of a panic attack when I realize, holy shit I can just change my mind. I can try things and see if I like them even if it’s only to find out that I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. It’s all a learning experience.


It took me years to realize that I can just flat out tell people no and finally listen to my gut when it is screaming at me to run in the other direction. The word “no” is one of the most powerful words in your arsenal of conversation, so why are we so afraid to use it?

We hate disappointment with an extreme fear that we are constantly missing out on our own lives. We want to do everything, experience it all, even at our own demise. That makes no sense!

At some point, we have to learn that our lives are our own no matter how messy they are. Do things because they make you happy, not because you feel obligated to someone else. If you don’t like something, quit and move on to the next thing. Say no, change your mind, it’s your life. We can all have no idea what the fuck we are doing together.



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