Letter Shoppe Is Now A Life Style Brand, Plus So Many Other Changes Are Coming!

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Big changes are coming, and I'm soaking up every last bit of Portland before I move. My life is going to look so very different in a month.

I've lived in Portland since 2013, and it's completely changed my career. With a big city comes opportunity and I snatched up every last bit I could. It's here that I found my voice because I was in a place where I could so easily be my weird emotional self. Thank you Oregon, my experience here was irreplaceable.


Moving to Menominee, Michigan and starting my own lifestyle brand

Starting next month, I'll be in Michigan running my own retail shop and starting the renovations to make it look as cool as possible with a limited budget. Finally no more working in my apartment so I can better separate life from work. I can triple my profit margins by printing my own products instead of doing POD (print on demand) and start gathering new inventory since I'll have 1000 sq feet to fill up.

With this new change, I'm excited to announce that Letter Shoppe will now officially be a lifestyle brand. I'll be exclusive focusing on making new size inclusive apparel, fine art posters, and other gifts with my artwork for women everywhere. I'll continue to focus my brand around body positivity, mental health and cannabis so I can create my own universe full of love and acceptance.

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Now exclusively creating apparel and products for clients.

I'll still be doing client work here and there but only to create new products for other brands. I'm focusing on making art that engages a community near you so other entrepreneurs can launch their own products to spread some extra positivity and empowerment to their audience.

I want to be a resource for other brands to create so much more than a design file, but an entire promotional campaign to help them have a successful launch of that design. With this level of business coaching involved with every project, I can ensure that my work will be that much better of an investment for my client. Walking them through everything from getting the products made, setting them up on the website, to the final big launch to help sales skyrocket so we can all do it again for their next product.


Educational content will now be on Women of Illustration.

Women of Illustration has grown to over 80k followers in less than 2 years on Instagram and gains about 5,000 followers per week. PER WEEEEEKKK! All this insane growth is a huge indication that I need to better foster this community to help it thrive even more.

This platform helping female artists be heard, make art and get paid is going to be so much more than a podcast this year. Starting in June, 90% of my educational content will be moved to @womenofillustration, so all my videos, articles, workbooks, and coaching calls can help artists make a profit from their passion just like I have. But you know, without all the damn mistakes I made along the way.

In the next year, I plan to launch a book showcasing the top 100 female artists that apply to featured. I'll be creating quarterly video courses focused on helping artists market themselves to create a better website, find their illustration niche, grow on social media, and make money from their own products. All this on top of some other ideas I have bouncing around in my head that you'll just need to follow @womenofillustration to learn more about.

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My Letter Shoppe Patreon will be shutting down for good this year.

I've been on Patreon for the past 2+ years selling a monthly subscription of my Lettering Adventures workbook series. Every month I was a making new workbooks showing you how to draw entire alphabets of a style along with a drawing tutorial showing you how to turn it into a project.

Although this project has been very successful, I'm completely burned out on it and need to make room for all these changes in my schedule. With 23 workbooks completed and many live lectures and secret podcast episodes, it's time to end the saga that is Lettering Adventures.

Starting January 2020 the Patreon page will be deleted, and the digital workbooks will be moved to the Women of Illustration shop. So sign up while you can to get discount workbook bundles that included bonus Photoshop mockups and bonus tutorials while they are still available.

So many changes are coming, and it feels so good, and scary.

This move signifies a chain reaction of changes in my life and my career. It's going to be a tough journey, but I'm excited to show you the entire process from start to finish. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get all the behind the scenes of me building up my self-love empire and follow me closely on Instagram to see it all unfold in real time.