How To Curate Your Art On Instagram To Gain More Followers

A lecture presentation on how to figure out the almighty Instagram. I'll help you post more consistently, attract the exact kind of audience that will pay you, and feel more confident about the art you share with the world.

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NEW Social Media course for Artists

I’ve taken so many Instagram classes that were total bullshit and a waste of time. It’s because of this frustration that I created my own Instagram Course made especially for artists to help them figure out how to market themselves. Talking from personal experience and researched tactics I have recorded 12 hours of video lectures to help you finally organize all that chaos in your brain.  

I want to help your art get seen by the exact people who need it in their life. You just have to figure out who they are and make art that’s personal and relatable for them. This is much easier when you are apart of your own demo so you can simply create the things you wished existed.

It’s finding a style and subject matter to stick to that is the hardest part for artists to figure out especially at the beginning of their career. I personally wasted YEARS going down different roads that were totally wrong for me because I was following the crowd vs taking the time to come up with my own ideas.

With community feedback and some personalized coaching, I can help you create a Instagram strategy that will work specifically for you and your audience. The best part is that you can pay in 2 installments and you only pay the second half if you are completely satisfied with the course. That's how much I believe in it, and you.

Dina Rodriguez