The Harsh Truth About Going Full-time Freelance

I'm going over all the best and worst parts of being a freelance artist to better prepare you for taking the leap yourself. I've been freelancing full time as a hand lettering artist 6 years and I want you to learn from my mistakes so you can have an easier time making a living from your art.

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Episode Notes:

The best parts of going freelance

  1. Make your own schedule

  2. You get to select what clients you work with

  3. You can make more money in less time

  4. You become an authority in the industry because you made it

  5. You don't have a boss and you're in charge

The worst parts of going freelance

  1. Realizing that you end up working more than your day job

  2. You have to make money other ways when the clients stop calling

  3. No consistent income to make sure the bills get paid

  4. You feel extra pressure to stay on top and your goals only grow

  5. Much of what you have to do isn’t art it’s on-boarding

Full-time freelance checklist before you quit your job

  1. A portfolio of the extract work you want to get hired for

  2. An established audience on social media for social proof

  3. 1-year min of experience working with freelance clients

  4. Make 80% of what you make at your day job after taxes

  5. Plan an ongoing marketing strategy to attract clients

  6. Have accounting software to stay organized and keep track of finances

Dina Rodriguez