Dear Artist, The Key To Overcoming Your Creative Block Is...

Creative block.png

The key to overcoming your creative block is drawing every single day, no matter what.

I know you hate this answer, but its the only way to improve your skills so you can work faster while bringing even more creativity to your work. I think the main reason modern artists stop practicing is that we are so obsessed with being seen that we forget that some stuff doesn't to be posted on the internet.

We can't and more importantly shouldn't post every single thing we make. That's just more artwork for you to get a complex over because I know you care more about likes and followers then you let on. Don't let your need to fill up your grid stop you from enjoying the act of drawing on its own.

Stop putting so much pressure on your self that everything needs to be "Instagram ready" and remember that sometimes you need to make absolute shit in order to create something great down the line.

Practice doesn't just make you better, but it helps you flex those creative muscles so you can take your work to the next level. If you draw every single day at noon, in a few weeks, your inspiration will be boiling over by lunchtime because that's what you've trained your brain to do.