Body Confidence Art To Make You Feel Beautiful In Your Own Skin

Beautiful Body.png

Only you control how you feel about your body

This piece is inspired by Zena Sativa a plus-size model that shocked me into loving my body. It's women like her that honestly help me see my belly and big thighs as something to be proud of. 

I don’t know about you but damn the female body is beautiful. Skinny, fat, dark, light, curvy and fucking creamy. HOT DAMN! But why is it that to some people, only certain bodies should be allowed to be seen? Plus size women are finally coming out into the public eye making me feel like maybe loving myself is an option. You know instead of my usual daily dose of shame.


I wanted this piece to be all about the phrase without all the frills. Just skin, letters, and a few pieces of clothing required. The image is focused on her body to show off the folds of her curves with a COMPLETELY NORMAL amount of cellulite and stretch marks. 

I digitally drew this design using Astropad to screen mirror Photoshop to my iPad. Then for extra support I use a hand glove and a case on my Apple Pencil to make the pen easier to glide along the surface. 

Beautiful Body_ink.png

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