Hand lettered t-shirt design that helps your brand stand out 

Help your community feel a part of your brand by creating a powerful message that people can rally behind. Help your audience feel connected to your organization with creative merchandise all your fans will love to show off. 



I love working with established apparel brands that want to add something new and creative to their look book. Whether your looking for one featured piece to expose your following to a new style, or an entire collection for people to add to their wardrobe. 

I can help with the shirt design, along with all the other design elements needed for a professional product launch like hang tags, hem tags, labels, and custom packaging. 



Check out this design I made for HumblyMadeCo for their Designer Series that featured one new shirt every month by an established designer.



Need a shirt to represent your company, conference, or event? Allow me to take your branding guide to the next level by creating a original hand lettered shirt design that your audience will wear for years to come. 

I can help you through each phrase of production starting with the creative direction and production of your design, all the way to finding the right printer and packaging for your next product. 



See my process behind the shirt and hoodie I made for Good Life Project's summer retreat for entrepreneurs in Washington. 



Make your fans happy with a custom designed t-shirt that they'll wear over and over again. By mixing my passion for design and music I'll thoughtfully craft custom made images that will perfectly represent your message. 

Whether you need a shirt designed to promote your latest album release, tour, or EP launch, I'm the designer that will give your sound a lasting visual.


See how my love for the band Dorothy, transformed into a movement that empowers women all over the world. 


my T-Shirt Design Process

Invest in an experienced illustrator like me, that will focus on crafting a hand lettered shirt design that will be effective for your needs. 

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Pricing ranges from $500-$2k depending on the level of detail, content, and illustrations used. 

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Have your shirt design completed and ready for print within just 2 weeks after deposit. 

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Usage rights are included in the price for designs that have trademarked logos, names, or tag lines.


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