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The Story of Dina Rodriguez

Every day I combine my 10 years of design experience to create lettering that entertains, engages and inspires a community near you. The kind of design that’s custom-made to attract your audience.

Over the past five years, hand lettering has been the primary focus of my career. What started as a hobby drawing letters for a few hours every day, quickly turned into a full-time passion doing client work for companies like American Greetings, Wacom, and Penguin Books. 

Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2013, I’ve worked with over 100 carefully selected clients working on exciting projects for apparel, advertising, and chalk murals for businesses all over the United States.

Early on in my career I started teaching everything I know on lettering and freelance so I could better understand my craft while helping others do the same. I started blogging, writing books, and began to live stream my work on Twitch so I could build a creative community around my hand lettering.

It's this level of transparency and excitement in teaching that lead me to name 2017 as the year of art education for Letter Shoppe. This year I've been traveling the country doing talks and workshops guiding students on the art of freelance and lettering.

A big part of teaching has gone into self-publishing a zine series called Lettering Adventures where every month I create a 30 page workbook that shows you how to draw new styles of vintage hand lettering. So far we have over 150 students learning type styles like Victorian, Blackletter, Sign Painters, Western, with so many more to come. 

All this teaching means I’ll be devoting my time and skills to just one new client a month so I can have dedicated time to each new project. So if you're looking for an artist with a broad range of lettering styles with a proven track record of happy clients, then I'm the artist for you. 

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